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CarrotSticks™ have teamed up with Box of Frogs™ to turn the hilarious Iddly Widdly Piddly Pop-off! into an interactive app book for the iPad.

Box of Frogs™ have helped bring the story to life with interactive elements and mini games to make reading a more enjoyable experience for kids.  Narrated by world famous children’s entertainer Dave Benson Phillips, The Iddly Widdly Piddly Pop-off! is an amusing tale that follows the antics of some barnyard friends when they are faced with an uninvited guest who invades the barn in the dead of the night.

“You can even record your own sound-effects for each of the characters and then when you read the story back, the whole family will be in stitches!”


Who did the iddly widdly piddly pop-off?  What do you do with an iddly widdly piddly pop-off and then how do you get rid of the iddly widdly piddly pop-off?

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