Laugh at life often!

Carrot Sticks was created for one simple reason – to help people ‘Laugh at Life Often’.

With our sensors being attacked from every direction, it is important for us to empty the boiler in our brain from time to time.  As adults, we sometimes expect our kids to jump on-board with our ridiculously busy lives when all they want to do is look up and imagine themselves piloting a space-cruiser across the clouds; or scaling a tree while dodging the imaginary lava pit at their feet.Unfortunately, as grown-ups, we often forget what lava feels like under our feet and instead we get bogged down into really important stuff like balancing spreadsheets and checking on-line banking.  I’m not implying that on-line banking isn’t important; it’s just not SO important that you need to forget about the lava!HAHAHA

The older we get, the more seriously we take ourselves.  Listen to a political speech in Australia and count how many times you hear the word ‘economy’ as opposed to the word ‘environment’.  Economy, economy, economy, economy – it’s like a broken record.  We spend more time chasing little bits of coloured paper than we do climbing the trees that make them!




I have been drawing all my life and I love it when I get to draw with my kids.  It’s a chance to switch-off, a chance to imagine and be playful; but more importantly, it’s a chance to bond with my kids and with my inner child.  Watching their imagination spill out onto the page via a mess of crayons and blunt pencils is magical.  Art is all about creativity; it’s about finding and expressing the beauty in things, which children are exceptionally good at.I regularly look back at the pile of sketches I created as a child to remind myself of the unhampered imagination of that time.

We should encourage our kids to keep a selection of drawings, doodles and paintings so when they become old and boring, they can look back and remember what it was like to think like a child!So before we get on-board that lunatic train again, I might run naked into the ocean wearing a seaweed wig.  It will be liberating!

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